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wedding Photo & Videography

Wedding Photo & Videography

As you begin your beautiful journey together, catching lights will plan every detail of your special day to create a magical celebration that personifies your romance.

Explore a world of flair and creativity in your choice of five star venues enchanted with a blend of charm and understated luxury.

Creating great wedding photography to look at on a wall or in an album is really only a small part of what we do. We preserve precious memories

I am incredibly fortunate to have a hard-working, dedicated team that feels just as passionately about great service and beautiful imagery as I do.

The passion and commitment that is put into each part of what we do really delivers an overall experience that we hope will exceed your expectations of what Videography .

In catching lights our wedding photo and videogrpahy has creative and perfect photography for any events and functions

Our catching lights equipment is always the most advanced and we are continuously upgrading our knowledge in this rapidly changing digital world. You can always depend on us to give you the best quality and service the industry has to offer.